Giving Back, the Segal Family Foundation Annual Meeting at the Hyatt in Jersey City

We LOVE working with non-profits and foundations! It is at the core of our very existence, having the opportunity to work with incredible organizations giving back to their community in a innovative and caring ways is our jam.

When we were approached to work with the Segal Family Foundation on their annual meeting in Jersey City, we’re fairly certain we squealed with excitement. We worked with their team to bring together over 300 guests from across the globe to, learn, grow, explore and build community with organizations from all over the Africa. We produced three days worth of events, including a Gala, Concert and boat cruise in addition to full day programming and networking.

Working towards the greater good through this event brought such joy to both our team and the the foundation! We’re excited to be working with SFF yet again on their Annual Meeting for 2019.